Aloha, I am a Hawaii-based Documentary and Portrait Photographer who specializes in candid shots of indigenous and local cultures. I also enjoy shooting portraiture, lifestyle, events, travel, nature.  As a Photographer, my journey began innocently after college when I was given my first camera (a Yashica T4 film point and shoot) and started to travel abroad. This is the first time I ever felt like I had an artistic expression. Since then, I have experienced over 40 countries and worked a decade and a half in the field of Psychology all the while telling stories through photography. Most all of my travels and social work experience have been adventures "off the beaten path".

Currently, my passion and focus is to witness and respectfully document Hawaiian and Indigenous cultures as an intimate and traditional expression: sense of place, identity, connection, art, values, spirituality and offering. For me, the ultimate value of an image is given when the participants accept the perspective, composition and feeling to be honorable and authentic. In order to achieve this, I rely on a personal connection with the subject and a keen sense of a deeper understanding from their perspective.

Photography, for me, is trying to see what I feel...with a camera.

My professional photographic services are available for various projects, commissions and freelance assignments. I am available to travel for location work throughout Hawai'i and beyond. Please feel free to email me any questions or job inquiries as I will gladly offer answers and quotes. Mahalo for visiting!